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Riverwoods Residents Association

Virginia Bluebells

The Riverwoods Residents Association, which is not affiliated with the RPC, is an important Riverwoods organization with a long and distinguished history. It was formed in 1954 as an extension of the road committees that had been established by the 40 or so families of the area. Those residents were impressed with the natural beauty of Riverwoods and became concerned about the effects of increasing development. It was the RRA, in fact, that in 1959 founded the Village of Riverwoods.

The RRA's activities include the annual Family Day and barbecue, and Theatre in the Woods.

Plant Committee. One group in the RRA, the Plant Committee, is active year-round. The Plant Committee created and maintains the village garden at the Village Hall. The garden is a showcase of natural plantings in a woodland setting. The Plant Committee also conducts an annual spring plant sale. The sale is both a fundraising event and an opportunity for residents to purchase high-quality native plants particularly suited to thrive in Riverwoods. The Village generously subsidizes part of the purchase price of native trees and shrubs at the plant sale. (Click Here for more information about the Village cost-sharing program, or visit the Village's web site.)

Two members of the Plant Committee, Sheila Hollander and Margie Kaul, write the always-interesting Plant Ladies column for the Village Voice, packed with excellent advice leavened with a bit of humor.

If you would like to become involved with the RRA or its Plant Committee, please contact one of the following Plant Committee members:

Betty Dlouhy
Irene Gagerman
Sheila Hollander
Margie Kaul
Paula Pivar
Arlene Rubin
Ilene Schoenfeld
Louise Simonson

If you would like to see examples of the plants the Plant Committee has sold in past years, Click Here.

(The photograph above, by Greg Mancuso, is of Virginia Bluebells, one of the many native plants made available by the Plant Committee.)

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