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Swamp White Oak - Perfect For Wet Areas

The Swamp White Oak's name says it all. It's especially adapted to areas that are periodically flooded.

white oak leaf
White Oak

pin oak leaf
Pin Oak

bur oak leaf
Bur Oak

swamp oak leaf
Swamp Oak

red oak leaf
Red Oak



Swamp Oak

The swamp white oak is a relatively rapidly-growing tree that can reach 70 feet in height.

Its leaves turn orange-green or dark red in the fall. The swamp white oak is also known as the bicolor oak because its leaves are glossy-green on the top surface and silver-gray on the underside, much like the leaves of the silver maple.

As its name suggests, the swamp white oak does best in areas that periodically collect water. It does not, however, tolerate constant flooding.

The swamp white oak can live several hundred years.

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