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Red Oak - Bright Red in Autumn

The Red Oak is noted for its spectacular fall color, which can vary from bright yellow-red to an iridescent red.

white oak leaf
White Oak

pin oak leaf
Pin Oak

bur oak leaf
Bur Oak

swamp oak leaf
Swamp Oak

red oak leaf
Red Oak



Red Oak Leaf

Red oaks are relatively quick-growing trees, which can achieve up to 80 feet in height.

The leaves are large, and pointed like the pin oak's leaves, but shinier and fuller in the central area.

Red oaks, like other oaks, grow best in full sun. They are adaptable to most soil types, and prefer well-drained sites.

Like the pin oak, the red oak has relatively shallow roots. Because of its shallow roots, it is even more susceptible to construction and drought damage than other oaks.

Also like the pin oak, the red oak is somewhat more susceptible to oak wilt disease than other oaks in the Riverwoods area.

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