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Chicago Wilderness

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Garlic Mustard
Poison Ivy
Creeping Charlie
Emerald Ash Borer
Gypsy Moth
Asian Long Horned Beetle
Photos and Descriptions of Many Invasives, with links
Alternatives to Invasives
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Oak Trees

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Enjoying Outdoors
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Green Architecture
Trees as Treasure
Deer Habits and Management
Tree Facts
Prescribed Burns

Riverwoods is Unique

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Riverwoods Residents Association & Plant Committee
Woodland issues

RPC Village Voice Articles

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Woodland Health Study: Spring 2009 Status Report
Woodland Health Study: May / June Status Report
Woodland Health Study: September / October Status Report
Woodland Health Study: November / December Status Report
RPC Tree Count
Rain Gardens
Riverwoods Turning 50
Living in Harmony with Nature
Protecting Woodlands
Honey Bee Collapse
Emerald Ash Borer 1
Emerald Ash Borer 2
Butterfly Plants
Poison Ivy
Riverwoods' Birds
Oak Trees
Handling Fall Leaves
Invasive Plants
Salt Use in Winter
Construction Issues
Riverwoods - A Special Place
Counting Deer
Rain Garden Demonstration Site
Garlic Mustard
Canopy Thinning
Water, Water Everywhere (?)
How to Grow and Oak Tree
Money Trees - What Value!
Reforestation 101
Rain Barrels
Prescribed Burns

What's New in Riverwoods

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RPC Response to Village Inquiry about Deer and Deer Fences
RPC Presentation - Ryerson Biologist on Deer
Village Zoning Map
Village Setback / Front-Side-Back Yard Requirements
RPC Deer Article in Village Voice
Village Setback / Front-Side-Back Yard Requirements
Roger Simonson Letter to Deerfield Review About Fence Controversy
Counting Deer
RPC Position Paper 2011 - Deer
Village Fence Ordinance - September 2011
Village Cost-Sharing Program

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Woodland Health Study: Final Report
RPC September 2009 Letter to Plan Commission
RPC October 2009 Presentation to the Village Board
RPC November 2009 Letter to Village Board
Village of Riverwoods Environmental Committee 11-09 Report
November 2009 Letter by Margie Kaul to the Village Board
Village of Riverwoods Woodland Protection Ordinance
Canopy Issues
Village of Riverwoods Forester 1996 Report
Book Reviews
RPC 2011 Position Paper - Deer
Village Woodland Protection Ordinance
Village Tree Preservation Ordinance

Village of Riverwoods

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